School Holiday Program

Karate places an importance in continuous practice. Kimekai takes this moto seriously as sessions are held almost all year round. However, practice shouldn’t be boring and tedious. This summer break, we, at Kimekai, have crafted a school holiday program that will leave you and your child engaged, fit and ready to take on the new year. 

Who is the School Holiday Program for? 

Our School Holiday Program is for everyone who wishes to experience a new way to spend their summer break. The program has been tailored to each individual dojo and each age group. That is why everybody gets a chance to have fun, explore creative outlets and rejuvenate during the holidays while still keeping tabs on their karate progress. By enrolling in this program early before the New Year you maintain your karate progress and can aim to achieve greater goals next year.

What do we do during the School Holiday Program?

Enjoy Games Day at our Cheltenham dojo. Experience beach training at Chelsea Life Saving Club with our Chelsea Heights dojo. Gain new skills at the Karate Camp in Highett. We have jam packed this summer with productive training sessions and exciting activities.

How can I sign up?

We offer our School Holiday Program at our dojos in Chelsea Heights, Cheltenham, and Highett . Each dojo and session is run by our highly qualified instructors to make sure that you are engaged and having fun while remaining in a safe and inclusive environment.

When is the School Holiday Program held?

Our School Holiday Program starts from December 2019 and run till the 25th of January 2020 after which normal timetables resume. The dojos are closed for certain holidays. Get in touch with the relevant dojo for details regarding the timetable. See the following table for the start and end dates for the School Holiday Program. Click on the individual dojos for the timetables.

Chelsea Heights14th December 2019 – 25th January 2020
Cheltenham9th December 2019 – 25th January 2020
Highett7th December 2019 – 25th January 2020

Sign up to the School Holiday Program by getting in touch with our dojos or through our Contact Us page.